I actually have no idea where my high school diploma is.


avoiding hate like


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even though I know FAFSA will cover it I hate the time of year where my tuition bill is just sitting there posted online.

it stresses me out having to look at it.

All I want to do is go on road trips and have sex.

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god bless the people who upload tv shows to the internet

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Everytime I realize how much school I’ve completed / how little I have left till I get my degree I panic because I’m not ready to be an adult at all.

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today is earth day

I for one love earth.

but on this day today there are some important things to bear in mind…

firstly, I just got done watching a samba drum group perform of the quad of my university while people linked hands and marched around campus

I found myself wondering if they knew what they were marching for, but I think inside of everyone there is that one cause that they hold in their hearts that effects them, their communities, or those around them

that’s what is beautiful about earth day,  I guess it’s about environmentalism but it can be and is about a whole range of things depending on who you are

On earth day I keep in mind the environmental racism that exists today as corporations and government entities all over the world unfairly target marginalized groups of people and destroy their homes, drive them from them, etc, 

I keep in mind the continued gentrification of neighborhoods that causes them to lose their identities

I keep in mind the complicated relationship of  social issues, issues of power/privilege, and how those things actually do link up with environmentalism

which is so often forgot by our modern day “green movement” that has so many problems I’m not even going to delve into it. 

I know that a lot of other people are thinking about these things and others today, It’s not just enough to think about them but I like to do so as much as possible

if I think about these things I can make choices in my everyday life that resists these types of injustices 

My hair will never be this dreamy ):

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Show me that I can
bring my walls down, because the
maintenance kills me.